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Network Single to multiple line file

I am working with single line file with 589744523 characters having 542 "^M" (line feed) character.
I want to make 542 different lines file from the single line file thr. shell program only (it can be done thr vi command)


sorry for duplicate post previously, actually i don,t know how to make further queries.

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echo 'a^Mb^M' | tr '\r' '\n'

'^M' is a single character.
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what is a and b
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Originally Posted by anil_kut
what is a and b
letters of the alphabet. why?
this is just a hint at a solution.
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ctrl/M is carriage-return not line-feed.
Was this file created as a text file on a M$ platform?
Does it just need converting to unix text file format with "dos2ux" or "dos2unix" depending on what unix you have?
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both tr and

not working

my i/p is like this
bikwenbl^Mbikwenbl^Mbikwenbl^M (single line)

o/p file should be like this
bikwenbl^M (3 lines)

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thanks DAPTAL
you have already given the sol. very simple

awk -F '|' '{for(i=2;i<=NF;i++){ print $1.$i}}' filename

works very well even take ^M as delimiter

thanks all
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I have posted the fully correct "tr" command on your other thread.

Can't see the relevance of the "awk" example posted in this context.

What "awk" script did you actually use which worked?

The "dos2unix" command syntax posted in response to yet another of your threads is incorrect.
Now you know the command name, you can look it up in the unix manual pages yourself.

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