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eval and variable assignment

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MySQL eval and variable assignment


i have an issue with eval and variable assignment.

1) i have a date value in a variable and that date is part of a filename,
i am passing the above variables to a script via commandline and assigning the values of these
variables to another set of variables using while get opts command as below,

f) eval FILE=\$${OPTARG}

Issue - the array variable FILES is not populated with filenames here.

2) Issue with filenames - I have filenames which consists of spaces and special characters.
eg: REP - inven - 1.TXT
I am using same concept as above. i.e. passing variables to script. i am getting error
with eval command.

Please advise in both scenarios on how to avoid issues.

Thanks in advance..

# 2  
Please post the entire script.
# 3  
To populate an array the correct syntaxes are:
ARRAY=( "Elem1" "Elem 2" "Third element" "Four has index 3" )
# or
ARRAY[$index]="Element X"

Try to put quotes + escaped quotes
eval "FILE=\"\$${OPTARG}\""

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MySQL eval and variable assignment

Hi Frans,

Thank you very much. First step is working for me.

regarding the step#2, i maintain all the job related variables in a config script which gets evaluated at the start of every job. The below variables are giving error while evaluating,

Var1="REP0022 - Yesterday's account savings_ 1.TXT"

Error :
ksh -: not found

I tried enclosing above filename in single quotes but of no use.

Thanks in advance.

# 5  
You should initialize the variable like
STRING="Var1=\"REP0022 - Yesterday's account savings_ 1.TXT\""
eval "$STRING"

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MySQL eval and variable assignment

HI Frans,

Thank you. I am able to assign the filenames to a variable now . I have 3 variables like this. all of these are assigned to an array. i am able to get part of the filename (i.e. till the space as a value)while retrieving .

Following is the code :

storing the values in FILES string after we receive the values from commandline,
f) eval FILE=\"\$${OPTARG}\"

assigning the FILES string to an array : set -A filesToGet $FILES

Retrieving each file from the array : file=${filesToGet[$curFileIndex]}

but this way it is considering only part of the filename.i.e. till the first space as a first filename. Please suggest how can i retrive the whole filename i.e. REP00029 - Yesterdays Postings Total_ 1.TXT

Once again thanks in advance..

# 7  
Maybe you should directly construct the array like this:
# to add $FILE (string) to $FILES (array)
$FILES[${#FILES[@]}]="$FILE" # ${#FILES[@]} gives the nb of elements in the array => the first empty index (first is 0)

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