grep data on 2nd line and 3rd column

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grep data on 2nd line and 3rd column

How do I grep/check the on-hand value on the second line of show_prod script below? In this case it's a "3".

So if it's > 0, then run_this, otherwise, quit.

> ./show_prod
Product   Status   Onhand   Price
shoe   OK   3   1.1

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What you want to run if that value is >0 ?
Also, show_prod is a script and it prints only the above two lines?
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Try this:

val=`sed -n '2p' show_prod | awk '{print $3}'`
if [ "$val" = "0" ] 
  ACTION - commands
  QUIT - commands

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Assuming the 2 lines are the output of the command ./show_prod:
on-hand=$(./show_prod | awk 'NR==2{print $3}')
if [ $on-hand -gt 0 ]

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Originally Posted by Jairaj
Try this:

val=`sed -n '2p' show_prod | awk '{print $3}'`

That type of sed invocation is _never_ necessary. Look at Franklin52's code to see how to avoid creating an unnecessary process.

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Thanks Alister for your input.
Anyway my command also work. But Franklin52 code is excellent...
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Thank you everyone for your feedback/help. The code works.
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