Backup with shell program and cron job.

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Old 03-11-2004
Backup with shell program and cron job.


The object of my program is to take automatic backup on daily basis to different folders. I have created the respective folders. when I execute below given shell program manually it is working perfectly and taking the backup to respective folder.

#script to take backup on day basis, This is going to run from cron job.
while :
yourch=`date +%u`
case $yourch in
1) exp backuser/backuser@linux1 file=/disk4/backup/Mon/linux1_Mon.dmp log=/disk4
/backup/Mon/linux1_Mon.log full=y direct=Y compress=N rows=N; exit 0;;
2) exp backuser/backuser@linux1 file=/disk4/backup/Tue/linux1_Tue.dmp log=/disk4
/backup/Tue/linux1_Tue.log full=y direct=Y compress=N rows=N; exit 0;;
3) exp backuser/backuser@linux1 file=/disk4/backup/Wed/linux1_Wed.dmp log=/disk4
/backup/Wed/linux1_Wed.log full=y direct=Y compress=N;rows=Y exit 0;;
4) exp backuser/backuser@linux1 file=/disk4/backup/Thu/linux1_Thu.dmp log=/disk4
/backup/Thu/linux1_Thu.log full=y direct=Y compress=N rows=N; exit 0;;
5) exp backuser/backuser@linux1 file=/disk4/backup/Fri/linux1_Fri.dmp log=/disk4
/backup/Fri/linux1_Fri.log full=y direct=Y compress=N rows=N; exit 0;;
6) exp backuser/backuser@linux1 file=/disk4/backup/Sat/linux1_Sat.dmp log=/disk4
/backup/Sat/linux1_Sat.log full=y direct=Y compress=N rows=Y; exit 0;;

When the same program kept in cron, it is not working.

0 23 * * * /home/oracle/backup/
> /home/oracle/backup/backup.log

The backup.log file is creating with 0 bytes.

Please help me in solving this problem.

With Regards
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Old 03-11-2004
it helps if you list the errors you get when it is run via cron.

most likly it is your env settings.

do a search on the boards for cron and env we get questions of this nature pretty offten.
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