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Perl to C convertor

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Old 03-09-2004
Perl to C convertor

Is there one out there that supports Perl/Tk ???
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Old 03-09-2004
i am sure there is afterall there is a book written about Perl/TK

did you check your local perl mongers support group?

seeing your from ireland your local group would be:

wouldnt it be easier to post the issue you are having?
# 3  
Old 03-10-2004
well, i have a Perl/TK script and I try to compile it in perl2exe using

perl2exe and then i run it and it doesnt work
# 4  
Old 03-10-2004
any errors outputted?

i cant find perl2exe on my system.
im useing perl 5.8.0
# 5  
Old 03-13-2004
yes, i get

cant locate
# 6  
Old 03-15-2004
1) make sure you have that .pm installed.
2) make sure the .pm is in your path.
3) if the .pm is not in your @INC path then add it.

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