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36 Child Processes not running as desired

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting 36 Child Processes not running as desired
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36 Child Processes not running as desired

I have a parent process which will start 36 child process. This I achieved by using the 'for loop'.

./ <arg1> <arg2> ... &

If I execute "ps -ef | grep", I can see 72 child processes running at the background. I mean I can see the duplicate of each process.

Few Outputs:-
root 21239 15095 0 09:40:09 pts/1 0:00 /bin/bash ./ /TS_Files/abcdCCR1/ abcdccr1 abcdCCR1
root 15095 1 0 09:38:51 pts/1 0:00 /bin/bash ./ /TS_Files/abcdCCR1/ abcdccr1 abcdCCR1

Moreover the child processes are not working as desired. That is, Child process receives the arguments which sends from Parent. But the child process not at all using this arguments for its processing.

If I invoke only two child processes, I can see the desired results. In two child process scenario, if I execute the ps -ef command as mentioned above, there are no duplicate process created. Only when I invoke more child processes, I have the problem as mentioned above.

I am suspecting, Does the duplicate process creates any problem in my case?

Can anyone help me on this regard?

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Can you please post the exact code you have ?
# 3  
root@Sam104 # cat 
for line in `cat NODES.txt`;
        array[$INDEX1]=$(echo $line | tr "[:upper:]" "[:lower:]") 
        mkdir "${array[$INDEX2]}"
        echo "admin tech-support ftp://root:5620Sam!@"$(pwd)"/"${array[$INDEX2]}"/"${array[$INDEX1]} > $(pwd)"/"${array[$INDEX2]}"/"Script
        ./ ${array[$INDEX]} ${array[$INDEX1]} ${array[$INDEX2]} &
        INDEX=`expr $INDEX + 3`
        INDEX1=`expr $INDEX1 + 3`
        INDEX2=`expr $INDEX2 + 3`
root@Sam104 # 

root@Sam104 # cat 
while [ $i = 1 ]
        file_exist=$(ls -l $1 | grep $2)
        size=$(ls -l $1 | grep $2 | awk '{ print $5 }')
        echo "$1    $2    $length    NE's CRON scheduler: Not yet started"
        if [ $length != 0 ]
                new_file_name=`date +%d%m%y%H%M%S`
                echo "NE's CRON scheduler: Started"
                echo "Dumping the TS File . . ."
                while [ $k != 2000 ]
                        present_size=$(ls -l $1 | grep $2 | awk '{ print $5 }')                 
                        if [ $size = $present_size ]
                                k=`expr $k + 1`
                                j=`expr $j + 1`
                cpy_status=$(cp $1$2 $1$3"_"$new_file_name)
                delete_status=$(rm $1$2)
                echo "File Details:- File Name: $3"_"$new_file_name File Size: $present_size"
                sleep 5

root@Sam104 #

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