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Old 03-17-2010
ftp nightmare

Hi everyone

I have a Fedora FTP server (lets call it FTP-SERVER1) and files are constantly being uploaded to it from a 3rd party.

Once every 15 minutes I need to "move" the files from the FTP
server to another server (lets call it SVR-WINDOWS) where it will be processed and then deleted.

I'm thinking the process should be something like this:
  1. From SVR-WINDOWS, open ftp connection to FTP-SERVER1
  2. list the contents of the "ftp home" directory (e.g. dir = file1, file2, file3)
  3. get each file listed (get file1, get file2, get file3)
  4. delete each file that was copied (delete file1, delete file2, delete file3) to SVR-WINDOWS
  5. close ftp connection

While the above takes place more files are uploaded to the FTP server. So next time I execute my script, it will move the newly uploaded files.

Does anyone know if it's possible to do the above?

If yes, then how do I go about to "list files" and only get and delete the files "listed".

Many thanks

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Old 03-17-2010
After you have uploaded the first batch, make a text file and edit it so that it contains:
rm file1
rm file2

At the end of the file add the lines
mget *

Use this newly created file as input to your next ftp session.
Depending on the size of the files being uploaded from the thrid party. you might retrieve files that are still in the process of being uploaded.
Can you have the third party, send a second file of minimal size indicating the primary upload is complete for that file?

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Old 03-17-2010
hi jgt

i was thinking something like this might work:

# Get list of files on FTP server
ftp -i -n <<EOF > /tmp/filelist.txt
open <hostname>
user <userid> <passwd>

# Run through the list of files and get, delete each file
for i in `cat /tmp/filelist.txt`
  ftp -i -n <<EOF
  open <hostname>
  user <userid> <passwd>
  get $i
  delete $i

Do you think this will work?

It doesn't solve the problem of copying partially uploaded files (thanks for bringing it up).

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Okay tried my script, but it didn't work.

It gets a list of file names, but it's not happy with the second part of the script. It fails at the line with "ftp -i -n <<EOF" (inside the "do" bit).
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Old 03-17-2010
If there is a problem processing the retrieved file, you have already deleted it from the source.

if [ -r lock.file ]
 exit 1
echo $$ >lock.file
if [ ! -r input.file ]
 echo "mget *" >input.file
 echo "quit " >>input.file
ftp site <input.file
cat /dev/null >input.file
list=`ls received files`
#list=`ls *.job`  if there are two files file.data and file.job 
for file in $list
  process $file
  echo "rm $file\n" >>input.file
  mv $file ../done
 echo "mget *\n" >>input.file
 echo "quit\n" >>input file
rm lock.file

Adjust as necessary
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