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Only the required tag information the XML file file

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Old 03-11-2010
Only the required tag information the XML file file


i have a single line xml file having many account no tag, from which i need only the account no from the tag. any one can help on this.

below is the xml file:

<OASAccountNo>01101908201USD</OASAccountNo><OASCurrencyCode>USD</OASCurrencyCode><OASAccountNo>01101908202USD</OASAccountNo><OASCurrencyCode>USD</OASCurrencyCode></OASAccountID><OAStaticInformation OASAccountType="CA" OASAccountStatus="O"><OASBranchId>037</OASBranchId><OASCountryCode>AE</OASCountryCode><OASAccountNo>01101908203USD</OASAccountNo><OASCurrencyCode>USD</OASCurrencyCode>

Expected output is:


Thanks Smilie
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Old 03-11-2010
perl -wlne 'BEGIN{undef $/} while(/<OASAccountNo>(.*?)<\/OASAccountNo>/smg) {print $1} ;' infile.txt


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Old 03-12-2010
Hi ahmad, thanks its working fine.Smilie

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