How can i move data files from a server to unix folder

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Old 03-01-2004
How can i move data files from a server to unix folder


I am very new in UNIX environment.
I need big help.

How I can move data files from a server to UNIX folder by script.
I don't want to use ws-ftp.

The script should check the file on server, if any file found, move it to UNIX folder.

I will be very happy, if some one helps me out.


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Old 03-01-2004
you have a variety of options.

i am assumeing your actual question is how do i move files from a windows based PC to a unix server?

1) you can search the forums as this has been covered many a time.

2) samba/sharity/ftp will all do what you want.

3) there is a differance between helping someone out and doing the work for someone else.

helping out implies that you have the majority of the script and are haveing a problem w/ a few of the items in it.
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