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Deleting the files based on the date's

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Deleting the files based on the date's
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Deleting the files based on the date's

I have to write one script which will delete the files in the below passion.

If today is 17-Feb-2010 then the script delete only 17-JAN-2010 files from the directory.

Could you please help me, How will I delete the files when the year is leap year, if today is 30th Mar 2010 then how will handle such scenarios.

I have written simple script for getting the yesterday's date but I do not understand how to develop this script.

bash-3.00$ cat
 v_todaysdate=`date +%d`
v_yesterday=$((`date +%e` -1))
v_month=`date +%m`
v_year=`date +%Y`

if [ $v_yesterday -eq "0" ]
    if [ $v_month -eq "0" ]
  set `cal $v_month $v_year`
  shift $(($# - 1))
echo "Previous Date : - " $v_yesterday-$v_month-$v_year
echo "TodaysDate : - " $v_todaysdate-$v_month-$v_year

bash-3.00$ ./
Previous Date : - 16-02-2010

TodaysDate : - 17-02-2010

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Is this date part of the filename, and in exactly the same format you listed? Or is this the file's date stamp that you are referring to here?

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