Sending a file to 24 Server locations parallely

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Sending a file to 24 Server locations parallely

Hi All,

I have to send a processed file to 24 different server locations. I feel, if this job can be done parallel in the background - Time will come down.

I found the script to FTP the file for a single server location through past Unix posts as below:
ftp -v -n "ipaddress" 
user "Username" "Username"

cd /distant/directory
put filename
If error >> ${LOG}
mail -x -s FTP failed to the server ${ipaddress}
echo "FTP Successful to the server ${ipaddress} >> ${LOG}

How to automate the script to send the Source File to Different FTP Locations.

For eg: If I create a file with all the 24 different FTP Target Locations in "Filelist.txt" as below:

And pass the above file values as parameters to the original FTP Script script.

Can some one help me how to implement this solution in Unix scripting will be appreciated.


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while read ip user password
ftpscript $ip $user $password
done <filelist.txt

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Hi Jgt,

Thank you very much. I will try it tomorrow at office.

As per my understanding, this script reads a file: filelist.txt
and pass the 3 parameters(24 lines, 24 times) to the calling function: ftpscript right.

Is it possible to do this FTP parallely to reduce time.

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You can add an ampersand (&) to the end of the ftpscript line, and that will release each copy to run independently. Depending upon where these files are going on your network, and the network speed, there may or may not be much difference in total throughput, and having each connection running more slowly might cause timeout errors.
One thing that I noticed, you have commas separating the fields in the input data file. Either use a text editor to replace these commas with spaces, or add

prior to the read statement in the script.

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Hi Jgt,

i tried the below script as you suggested. But i am not able to work it out.

When i run the script, It stops at the Message: "FTPing the file from the server". not going further. Please tell me what i am doing wrong.

etluser :
FTPing the file from the server

Script( code is as below:
export filename=/grid/PowerCenter/stage/velocity_r3_dev/inbound/ATRPU/filelist.txt
export SOURCE_DIR=/grid/PowerCenter/stage/velocity_r3_dev/inbound/ATRPU
export ICOMS_FTP_TGT_DIR1=/dw/cdrsp/stage/velocity/vmedia/input/ATRPU/ICOM_SERV1
export ICOMS_FTP_TGT_DIR2=/dw/cdrsp/stage/velocity/vmedia/input/ATRPU/ICOM_SERV2

   # local parameters
   local FTP_FUNCTION=$1
   local FILE_NAME=$2
   local FTP_SERVER=$3        			# remote delivery server
   local FTP_USER=$4					# ftp user name
   local FTP_PASS=$5 					# ftp user pwd
   local FTP_TARGET_DIR=$6				# local target file directory
	# local variables
   local SOURCE_DIR=${SOURCE_DIR}   
	echo "FTPing the file from the server"

   # ftp file from remote server to local informatica server
   ftp -nv ${FTP_SERVER} <<-!!
	user ${FTP_USER} ${FTP_PASS}

   co_error_check $? "Failed to ${FTP_FUNCTION} file ${SOURCE_DIR}/${FILE_NAME} to ${FTP_TARGET_DIR}" 		

# main function

while IFS="," read ipaddress username password

# ftp file from remote server to local server

ftp_data_file mput ${FILE_MASK}*.csv ${ipaddress} ${username} ${password}   ${ICOMS_FTP_TGT_DIR1}
ftp_data_file mput ${FILE_MASK}*.csv ${ipaddress} ${username} ${password}   ${ICOMS_FTP_TGT_DIR2}
done <$filename[COLOR="#738fbf"]

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!!, your end of input marker has to start in column 1. You appear to have a tab in front of it.
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Hi Jit,

I am very sorry. I am really not so good in understanding unix part. I could not understand what you are suggesting.

Please can you be more clear in your comments.

Vijaya Meruga.
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