Call Shell scripting from Perl Scripting.

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Old 02-11-2010
Call Shell scripting from Perl Scripting.


How to call a shell scripting through a Perl scripting? Actually I need some value from Shell scripting and passes in the Perl scripting. So how can i do this?
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Old 02-11-2010
Shell script in Perl script

Yes You can call a shell script in a perl script as any other shell command.
You can use qx or ``(backquotes) to execute the shell script.You can also define the variable to the output of the shell script depending on the context and requirement and it can be scalar or array.

Here is how it can be done

your regular perl code here...;
my $var or @var =`path to shell script` or qx(path to shell script);

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Old 02-12-2010
There are 3 ways to call shell cmd in perl
1 . use back ticks ` `
2 use system("cmd")
3 use exec("cmd")

depending on what type of result you are seeking from execution
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