Problem with SFTP script

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Old 02-09-2010
Problem with SFTP script

Hi All,

I can log in properly with my sftp handshake with the script, but can not get it to execute the lines of code for get commands within the script. Is there anything special with SFTP we need to do to make this work. I have went and looked on the message board but did not find anything quite specific to this.

Here is all I am trying to do(login id x'ed & addr changed )
sftp xxxxx@
   get rec1.dat
   get sfsum.dat

It recognizes nothing after the sftp xxx.

Any ideas would be appreciated!


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Old 02-09-2010
sftp xxxxx@ << EOF
   get rec1.dat
   get sfsum.dat

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Old 02-09-2010
You must use a "here script" in your script sh...

ftp -n  << EOF
open  "your ip"
quote user "your user" 
quote pass "your pass"
get your file

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Old 02-09-2010

Your way worked. Thanks! Was able to go out and pull in the files I needed. Just needed to terminate the lines so It knew to read next.
Again........many THANKS!!!
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