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Old 02-08-2010
grep middle word between two patterns

I'm currently working on a shell script to automate a backup check on oracle database. My requirement is to grep the words between two delimiters and pass on to a variable..

for ex I have following values in my log file...
(DB_NAME), (163.24 25), (16/02/10 23:40), (COMPLETED),

I want to grep only the values between opening and closing paranthesis and pass that value to shell variables.
B='163.24 25'
C='16/02/10 23:40'

The values between the delimiters are bound to change based on my backup check, so the check has to be performed based on delimiters - ().

Can someone please help!!

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Old 02-08-2010
Do you want to grep particular line or do you want to process all lines?
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Old 02-08-2010
How about ...

[house@leonov] INPUT="(DB_NAME), (163.24 25), (16/02/10 23:40), (COMPLETED),"; \
[............] A=$( echo $INPUT | awk -F "[()]" '{print $2}' ); \
[............] B=$( echo $INPUT | awk -F "[()]" '{print $4}' ); \
[............] C=$( echo $INPUT | awk -F "[()]" '{print $6}' ); \
[............] D=$( echo $INPUT | awk -F "[()]" '{print $8}' ); \
[............] echo "A='$A', B='$B', C='$C', D='$D'"
A='DB_NAME', B='163.24 25', C='16/02/10 23:40', D='COMPLETED'

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Old 02-08-2010
#! /bin/ksh

INPUT="(DB_NAME), (163.24 25), (16/02/10 23:40), (COMPLETED), "

echo $INPUT | nawk -F",|, " ' {
        for( i = 65; i <= 68; i++ )
                printf("\"%c\"%s\n", i,"="$(i - 64))
        }' | tr "()" "'"

Output: -

"B"='163.24 25'
"C"='16/02/10 23:40'

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Actually the delimiter is the , not ().

If you want to do the assignement to the variables form the script you could try this: -

#! /bin/ksh
INPUT="(DB_NAME), (163.24 25), (16/02/10 23:40), (COMPLETED), "
echo $INPUT | nawk -F",|, " ' {
        for( i = 65; i <= 68; i++ )
                printf("export %c%s\n", i,"="$(i - 64))
        }' | tr "()" "'" > tmp_file
. tmp_file 2>/dev/null || echo "Error in export file"
echo "A=$A"
echo "B=$B"
echo "C=$C"
echo "D=$D"
rm -f tmp_file

Output: -

B=163.24 25
C=16/02/10 23:40

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Old 02-09-2010

Hi All,
Thanks so much for all the replies. Both the suggestions worked for me,
Thats the output I was looking for ..

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Old 02-09-2010
Actually I have just realised the test of the tmp_file for errors does not work, it needs to be executed in a subshell like: -

if ! tmp_file >/dev/null 2>&1

Then take any remedial action within the if block.
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