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ftp var for filename with spaces

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Old 02-03-2010
ftp var for filename with spaces

Hello all,
I am having difficulties writing an ftp script to retrieve a file via get using a variable name to pass the file name.
I know the name of the file I am going to retrieve, this file name has embedded spaces and punctuation in the name itself.
If I interactively use the get and I type in the file name as it exists eclosed into double quotes, then get successfully retrieves the file, yet if I set up a var containing the file name (spaces and everything else that makes up the name), the get is not able to retrieve (expand the var) the file.
I tried with and without quotes, with and without a dollar sign etc ....
Will anybody have some advice for me?
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Old 02-03-2010
I tried with and without quotes, with and without a dollar sign etc ....
and double quotes?
# 3  
Old 02-03-2010
Yes I tried double quotes, too, no luck.
# 4  
Old 02-03-2010
Can you post your script within code tags?
# 5  
Old 02-03-2010
And using backslashes?
var="\ \. \ blah\ "

# 6  
Old 02-03-2010
Here is a sample of what I am trying to achieve:
lfn="This is the long file namelong.PDF"
ftp -v ftpservername
cd $dirwherefileis
ls        (this gives me the files and I see my file as one of the listed ones)
get $lfn    (this returns access denied)
get "$lfn"    (this returns access denied)

# 7  
Old 02-03-2010
What is the permission of the file?

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