How to check a variable for empty and a newline

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to check a variable for empty and a newline
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How to check a variable for empty and a newline

I have a variable with a new line. I want to check this variable for empty or a new line

Can anyone advise
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if [ -z "`echo "$VARIABLE" | tr -d '\n'`" ]; then

Is this what you mean?
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case $var in 
  ""|*"\n"*) echo hello

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Originally Posted by Scrutinizer
case $var in 
  ""|*"\n"*) echo hello

You are testing for a literal '\n', not a newline.

case $var in 
  ""|*"$NL"*) echo hello

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Oww, that's right, thanks!\n Smilie
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