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Enter the command to capture output--help

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Hammer & Screwdriver Enter the command to capture output--help

HTML Code:
[ -z $@ ] && echo "PLEASE enter the command to capture output" || echo "Processing your command manual"
echo $x
while [ $x -ge 1 ]
                          while man $@ | read -r line
                                  chmod +x $@.txt
                                  exec >>3 $@.txt
                                  echo $line >&3
                                  exec 3<&-
                           x=$(( x - 1 ))

while executing the code
./ ps
I found the following error plz help

HTML Code:
System command (cd /usr/share/man && (echo ".pl 11i"; /usr/bin/gunzip -c '/usr/share/man/man1/ps.1.gz') | /usr/bin/gtbl | nroff --legacy ISO-8859-1 -man -rLL=77n -rLT=77n 2>/dev/null | /usr/bin/less -iRs) exited with status 36096.
No manual entry for ps
./ line 10: /home/tms6/rashmi/ps.txt: Success
# 2  
I think the clue is in the message:
No manual entry for ps
If you just type into a terminal:
man ps

What do you get?

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