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Just listing size, timestamp & name of files in a directory

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Just listing size, timestamp & name of files in a directory
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[Answered] Just listing size, timestamp & name of files in a directory

How can I list the files in a directory and just show the file size, date stamp, timestamp and file name..

I've been trying to ls -lrt the directory to a file and then use the cut command but I'm not having any luck with getting the proper results.. I thought i could use the -f switch and count the number of columns i needed but its not giving me what i need..

Any suggestions..

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Please post your code.
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[Answered] Just listing size, timestamp & name of files in a directory

I have a txt file with the contents of the folder in it.. I used ls -lrt > rcode_folder.txt so the file looks like this..

-rw-r----- 1 jazmania dba 787510 Jul 26 2004 code.r

I just want the 787510 Jul 26 2004 code.r part to show in the file

I then tried to use the below cut command but i'm not sure if i'm using the -f part right...

cut -f 5-9 -d ' ' ./rcode_folder.txt > formated_rcode.txt

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Cut dont work since data has mutiple spaces. Try awk
awk ' { print $5,$6,$7,$8,$9 } ' ./rcode_folder.txt > formated_rcode.txt
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Nice one, that works just fine..

Thanks for your help..

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