Listing file names as soon as they are created

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My assumption was that in the original post, the term log was used to mean a transaction, and that each file contains a single transaction, in which case all sources of data have to follow the same file name convention, rather than a typical log file that has transactions appended to it.
Another concept might be to email the file, and have the email piped to a process. This would guarantee a first in first out sequence, based on the time the file was received, however, it might not mean first sent, first processed.
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XtCreatePopupShell, XtVaCreatePopupShell - create a popup shell SYNTAX
Widget XtCreatePopupShell(String name, WidgetClass widget_class, Widget parent, ArgList args, Cardinal num_args); Widget XtVaCreatePopupShell(String name, WidgetClass widget_class, Widget parent, ...); ARGUMENTS
args Specifies the argument list to override the resource defaults. name Specifies the text name for the created shell widget. num_args Specifies the number of arguments in the argument list. parent Specifies the parent widget. widget_class Specifies the widget class pointer for the created shell widget. ... Specifies the variable argument list to override the resource defaults. DESCRIPTION
The XtCreatePopupShell function ensures that the specified class is a subclass of Shell and, rather than using insert_child to attach the widget to the parent's children list, attaches the shell to the parent's pop-ups list directly. A spring-loaded pop-up invoked from a translation table already must exist at the time that the translation is invoked, so the translation manager can find the shell by name. Pop-ups invoked in other ways can be created ``on-the-fly'' when the pop-up actually is needed. This delayed creation of the shell is particularly useful when you pop up an unspecified number of pop-ups. You can look to see if an appropri- ate unused shell (that is, not currently popped up) exists and create a new shell if needed. SEE ALSO
XtCreateWidget(3), XtPopdown(3), XtPopup(3) X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface Xlib - C Language X Interface X Version 11 libXt 1.1.3 XtCreatePopupShell(3)

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