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Perl - update output

I need help with the following code. It does what i want it to, but since I clear the screen and do not update it when i finally ^C my scroll back buffer is filled with garbage. Term::Cap might not be the best way to go, i am trying to keep this to Core Modules due to the difficulties of getting things approved to be installed at work, but if not possible i am open to other modules.

Is there anyway i can just update the screen in place. Also the @host_array will be read from a file so the number of hosts can vary from day to day. Any help would be appreciated or point me in the right direction and i can figure it out.




use Net::Ping;
use Term::Cap;

@host_array = qw(slag sludge snarl swoop);

$terminal = Term::Cap->Tgetent( { OSPEED => 9600 } );
$clear_string = $terminal->Tputs('cl');

while(1) {
  print $clear_string;
  # High precision syntax (requires Time::HiRes)
  foreach $host (@host_array)
    $p = Net::Ping->new();
    ($ret, $duration, $ip) = $p->ping($host, 5.5);
    printf("$host [ip: $ip] is down\n") unless $p->ping($host, 2);
    printf("$host [ip: $ip] is alive (packet return time: %.2f ms)\n", 1000 * $duration)
    if $ret;
  sleep 2;

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Rather than messing with Termcaps, can you just invoke a standard "clear" command?
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