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How to automatically send a mail alert if the script errors out

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to automatically send a mail alert if the script errors out
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Question How to automatically send a mail alert if the script errors out

I have a script like this, which calls other scripts from that script:



cat $readfile | while read line


file= `echo $line|awk '{print $4}'`

if [ $file ];
       then mv $file /home/temp_stage


I have to write the above script in such a manner that if it errors out any point, It has to automatically send an email notification. How do i find out if the file has errored out at any point.
I am struck at the point of... how to find if there is any error in the scripts that it calls...

Ur help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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try something like this:
   echo "This script had an error on line $1" | /usr/bin/mailx -s 'script error'
   exit 1
}  || email_t $LINENO || email_t $LINENO

cat $readfile | while read line
  file= `echo $line|awk '{print $4}'`

  if [ $file ];
        mv $file /home/temp_stage

This assumes the other scripts return non-zero (i.e., exit 1) on error.
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Thanks Jim.

Let me try with that.
Can u please explain to me, what does this "||" stand for in unix and hoe does it work?
I have never used it before.
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The "||" means only run what is after the "||" if the code before the "||" fails, the opposite is "&&" which means only run what is after the "&&" if the code before the "&&" has succeeded, e.g.:
cp fred /var && rm fred

Only delete fred if it was successfully copied to /var.
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Thanks Tony!

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