rename file by removing some part of the file name

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting rename file by removing some part of the file name
# 1  
rename file by removing some part of the file name

I am special requirements to rename file.

I have files with names like below:


I would like these file to be renamed as below


I would like to rename files by removing text before the first occurrence of _ and _.

Is there any way with sed or awk to achieve this?
# 2  
This is pretty easy one:
for file in *_*
        mv $file $r_name

# 3  
If you have the rename command, then the following is one of the easiest way of doing things.,

rename 's/\d_//' *.html

$ ls
1_firstname1_lastname1.html  2_firstname2_lastname2.html  3_fistname3_lastname2.html
$ rename 's/\d_//' *.html
$ ls
firstname1_lastname1.html  firstname2_lastname2.html  fistname3_lastname2.html

# 4  
rename 's/\d_//' *.html
This code, some how not working for me. File names are no changed. they remain same.
I have rename on my Linux and used /bin/bash as defualt shell
# 5  
how about this ?

rename 's/[0-9]_//' *.html

# 6  
To remove anything before the first _
rename 's/^[^_]*_//' *_*.html

But I would use freelong's for loop example..
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