Concatenating lines of separate files using awk or sed

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Old 12-08-2009
Concatenating lines of separate files using awk or sed

For example:

File 1:
abc def ghi
jkl mno pqr

File 2:
stu vwx yza
bcd efg hij
klm nop qrs

I want the reult to be:
abc def ghistu vwx yza
jkl mno pqrbcd efg hij
klm nop qrs
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Old 12-08-2009
Try the paste command
paste file1 file2 > newfile

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Old 12-08-2009
thanks Jim but when I use paste the spaces doesn't seem rigth with the "new line character" showing as a big white space in between the merged lines.
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Old 12-08-2009
Try this.

for line1 in file1
	if [ -z $line1 ]
		echo $line1 >> outputFile

	for line2 in file2
		echo $line2 >> outputFile

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Old 12-08-2009
# paste -d \\ file1 file2
abc def ghistu vwx yza
jkl mno pqrbcd efg hij
klm nop qrs

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