assign awk output to bash variable

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assign awk output to bash variable

greetings all,

I am have a heck of a time trying to accomplish a very simple thing. I have an array of "shortname<spaces>id" created from a dscl output. I want to assign shortname=word1 and id=word2. I have tried
shortname=$(${textArray[$i]} | awk '{print $1}') - and get 'awk : cannot open file - and the prints word 1.

e.g. awk : cannot open file johnsmith

Using the syntax >>echo ${textArray[$i]} | awk '{print $1}' << I can see it is finding the data correctly as it displays the shortname from the array.

Any suggestions for what I know is something really obvious that I have missed would be greatly appreciated.

# 2  
shortname=`echo ${textArray[$i]} | awk '{print $1}'`
# 3  
Or shorter:
shortname="${textArray[i]% *}"

# 4  
thank you folks

All set - works perfect.

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