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Old 11-19-2009
Subtract field values

I've got a long logfile of the form


I've got a similar logfile from a week later with different values for each of the fields eg


How do I script it so that for each network, I take the fields away from each other so that I get the output


I'm guessing to use Perl and use ":" as the split, but I'm not sure how I'd check the network name against each other in the two log files, and how I'd get it to loop to do all the networks listed in the logfile
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Old 11-19-2009
Try this:

awk '{
  getline s < "file1"; split(s,a,":")
  for(i=2;i<=n;i++) {
    out=out ":" b[i] - a[i]
  print out
}' file2

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Old 11-19-2009
Seems to work... it gets a bit confused when the network names are not in the same order though. Must check why that is in the logfiles. Should be possible to do a sort on the network name.
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Old 11-19-2009
Another solution that doesn't care about networks order :
awk '
BEGIN { FS = OFS = ":" }
   for (i=2; i<=NF; i++) old[$1,i] = $i;
   out = $1;
   for (i=2; i<=NF; i++) out = out OFS ($i-old[$1,i]);
   print out;
' net_old.dat net_new.dat

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Old 11-20-2009
cat f1 f2 | sort | paste -d: - - | awk -F":" '{
printf $1
 printf ":"$(i+cnt)-$i
print ""

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Old 11-20-2009
Another one:

paste <(sort file1) <(sort file2)| awk -F"[: ]" '{ print $1" "($8-$2)" "($9-$3)" "($10-$4)" "($11-$5)" "($12-$6) }'

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