How to return a value of a variable from shell script to perl script

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Old 11-12-2009
Bug How to return a value of a variable from shell script to perl script

HI ,
Is there any way to return a value of variable from shell to perl script.

Perl file
my $diff1=system("sh");
my $diff2=system("sh");

I need exit status of below commands

i.e 0 and 1 respectively.

Since in both the cases diff is working so system command will return 0 .
a=diff aaa ccc
b=diff aaa bbb

122 $> cat aaa
1hi hello
123 $> cat bbb
hi hello
125 $ cat ccc
1hi hello

120 $ diff aaa ccc
echo $?

diff aaa bbb
< 1hi hello
> hi hello
Exit 1

echo $?

If i'll use backtick it'll return the diff output like below:
< 1hi hello
> hi hello

But I need script to return a value like 1 if it finds any diffrence between two files and 0 if it doesnot find any diffrence between two files .
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Old 11-17-2009
StdOut, StdErr - you can catch them.
Return code - a value which is 0 or !0. 0=SUCCESS, !0=FAILURE (according to POSIX). There are exceptions like diff. Return code should be between 0 and 127 but might be different.
There are other possibilities as well... google for inter-process communication.
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Old 11-20-2009
Hi adderek ,
Thanks for the reply

Can you please help me to sort out this
I am running an application XXXX , and when it starts i am passing a file name called "connect.spb" and after the application connects to the server i am sending filename "accept.spb" as a parameter.

BL31DL385:$ ./XXXX

This is XXXX (Reproducer by Order or RelaY)

XXXX> @connect.spb

XXXX>Opening connect.spb

Initialised TCP Listener on BL31DL385 (port: 15331)


XXXX> Opening accept.spb

So basically Input parameters are @connect.spb and @accept.spb.
After getting first string application will connect to the client ,
Then wait for the input and when accept parameter is given communication established succesfully.

MyQuestion##can we automate this using a script which will first run the application XXXX, and then pass the connect.spb and accept.spb as input
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Old 11-23-2009
Check "expect" utility. It should fit you.
This application XXXX seems to be something not designed for your purpose - since it lacks propper interface. Check if you can replace XXXX with something different.
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