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Old 11-11-2009
Scripting help


My task is to check the file test.txt every 15 min from Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 6:00PM. We get this file from our mainframes, every 15 min it will update the same file.
My task is to compare file timestamp with current system time stamp and check if the file is updated or not.
If the file doesn't updates in 30 min I need to fail the job & send email & also generate log file with when the job started and when it failed.

For the log file, I need to always append the start times and end times.

For example, If the job started at 9:00AM i should enter the start_time_1=9:00AM in the log and after 1 hour if the job failed I need to enter as end_time_1= 10:00AM.
Again we will re-run the job at 10:05 AM and this time i need to append start_time_2=10:05AM in the same log file and so on..........

My log file should look like


Please help.

Perl script or K-shell script is fine

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GEARMAN_TASK_ERROR(3)						     Gearmand						     GEARMAN_TASK_ERROR(3)

gearman_task_error - Gearmand Documentation, SYNOPSIS
#include <libgearman/gearman.h> gearman_task_st void gearman_task_free(gearman_task_st *task) void *gearman_task_context(const gearman_task_st *task) void gearman_task_set_context(gearman_task_st *task, void *context) const char *gearman_task_function_name(const gearman_task_st *task) const char *gearman_task_unique(const gearman_task_st *task) const char *gearman_task_job_handle(const gearman_task_st *task) bool gearman_task_is_known(const gearman_task_st *task) bool gearman_task_is_running(const gearman_task_st *task) uint32_t gearman_task_numerator(const gearman_task_st *task) uint32_t gearman_task_denominator(const gearman_task_st *task) void gearman_task_give_workload(gearman_task_st *task, const void *workload, size_t workload_size) size_t gearman_task_send_workload(gearman_task_st *task, const void *workload, size_t workload_size, gearman_return_t *ret_ptr) const void *gearman_task_data(const gearman_task_st *task) size_t gearman_task_data_size(const gearman_task_st *task) void *gearman_task_take_data(gearman_task_st *task, size_t *data_size) size_t gearman_task_recv_data(gearman_task_st *task, void *data, size_t data_size, gearman_return_t *ret_ptr) const char *gearman_task_error(const gearman_task_st *task) New in version 0.21. gearman_return_t gearman_task_return(const gearman_task_st *task) New in version 0.21. Link with -lgearman DESCRIPTION
A gearman_task_st represents a task. Work that is sent by a client to a gearman server is seen as a task (a worker recieves a task in the form of a job. Tasks, i.e. gearman_task_st are created by calling either gearman_execute(), gearman_client_add_task(), or gearman_client_add_task_back- ground(). gearman_client_add_task_status() can also create gearman_task_st, these tasks will be used to monitor a previously created gearman_task_st. gearman_task_free() is used to free a task. This only needs to be done if a task was created with a preallocated structure or if you want to clean up the memory of a specific task. gearman_task_set_context() sets the given context of the gearman_task_st. The context can be used to pass information to a gearman_task_st. gearman_task_context() returns the context that was used in the creation of the gearman_task_st (or that was set with gearman_task_set_context(). gearman_task_data() returns the current data that has been returned to the task. gearman_task_data_size() will give you the size of the value. gearman_task_take_data() is the same as gearman_task_data() but the value that is returned must be freed by the client (free(3)). gearman_task_recv_data() can be used with pre-allocated buffers. gearman_task_is_known(), gearman_task_is_running(), gearman_task_numerator(), and gearman_task_denominator(), return values related to the last status update that was made to the gearman_task_st. They do not cause the gearman_task_st to update itself. gearman_task_error() return the last error message that the gearman_task_st encountered. gearman_task_return() return the last gear- man_return_t stored. A value of GEARMAN_UNKNOWN_STATE means that the task has not been submitted to server yet, or that no function was available if the job has been submitted. RETURN VALUE
Various. Values that are returned by gearman_task_take_data() must have free(3) called on them. HOME
To find out more information please check: SEE ALSO
gearmand(8) libgearman(3) AUTHOR
Data Differential COPYRIGHT
2012, Data Differential, 0.33 May 04, 2012 GEARMAN_TASK_ERROR(3)

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