Parsing posted XML data from a remote server?

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Old 11-07-2009
Parsing posted XML data from a remote server?

Is it possible to parse a posted xml data from a remote server in unix shell script. if so how to do that? and i need to give this script path in the push url (in remote server) . how to do this?

I have tried this in asp but could not am trying in shell scripting...the thread opened in asp forum is available in this link
Parsing XML data - ASP Free

Please help me
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Old 11-07-2009
Here a little script i commited yesterday for personal use.
XmlRead ()	{	# [1:(-v:verbose)]	2:branch to explore 3:Tag de fin
	ReadTag ()	{
		read L || return 1
		T=$(echo ${L%%>*>} | sed -e 's/[<>]//g' -e 's/:/_/g')
	[ -n "$3" ] && OPT="$1" && shift
	local T=""
	local V=""
	while ReadTag
		[[ $T = $2 ]] && break
		[[ $T != $1 ]] && continue
		[ "$OPT" = "-v" ] && echo "Tag: $T"
		while ReadTag
			[[ $T = "/$1" ]] && break
			V=$(echo $L | sed s/"<[^>]*>"/""/g)
			if [[ -n "$V" ]]
			then	eval "$T=\"$V\""
				[ "$OPT" = "-v" ] && echo "$T=$V"
			else [ "$OPT" = "-v" ] && echo "Tag: $T"
		[ "$OPT" = "-v" ] && echos 50 "-"
		return 0
	return 1

The script is called with following parameters :
1: -v to verbose, for testing and debugging purposes, outputs the variable names and values
2:subtree to explore i.e "data" will parse everithing in the subtree beginning with <data> and ending with </data>
3:endtag : permits to exit before the end of parsed file
the function returns false if EOF or endtag is reached.
possible usage
while ReadXml -v "data" "endofdata"
done < $XmlFile

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