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awk,cut fields by change field format

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Old 11-05-2009
Here is something using perl. Though it requires using split to parse the file and it's a bit long.


use warnings;
use strict;

my @array = ();

### Load file into array
for my $i (split '\n', `more file1`) {
    push @array, [ split ',', $i ] ;

### Define valid prefix
my @prefix_list=qw(07774 888493 777);

### Create loop for each line
LINE: for (my $line=0; $line<=$#array; $line++) {
    ### Print first part of each line.
    print "$array[$line][0],";

    ### Create loop for each prefix
    PREFIX: for my $prefix (@prefix_list) {
        ### Find length of prefix
        my $prefix_lngth = length $prefix;

        ### Check the second column in the line for a prefix match
        if (substr($array[$line][1], 0, $prefix_lngth) =~ /$prefix/) {

            ### If the prefix is found, print the prefix and then the rest of the line using substr
            print substr($array[$line][1], 0, $prefix_lngth), ",", substr($array[$line][1], $prefix_lngth), "\n";

            ### Jump to the next line now that you've parsed the entire line
            next LINE;

    ### If the prefixes don't match, just print second column
    print ",$array[$line][1]\n"

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Graphics::Primitive::Insets represents the amount of space that surrounds something. This object can be used to represent either padding or margins (in the CSS sense, one being inside the bounding box, the other being outside) SYNOPSIS
use Graphics::Primitive::Insets; my $insets = Graphics::Primitive::Insets->new({ top => 5, bottom => 5, left => 5, right => 5 }); METHODS
Constructor new Creates a new Graphics::Primitive::Insets. Instance Methods as_array Return these insets as an array in the form of top, right, bottom and left. bottom Set/Get the inset from the bottom. equal_to Determine if these Insets are equal to another. left Set/Get the inset from the left. right Set/Get the inset from the right. top Set/Get the inset from the top. zero Sets all the insets (top, left, bottom, right) to 0. AUTHOR
Cory Watson, "<>" SEE ALSO
perl(1) COPYRIGHT &; LICENSE Copyright 2008-2010 by Cory G Watson. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.12.3 2010-08-21 Graphics::Primitive::Insets(3pm)

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