grep lines containing a word only twice.

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Old 11-04-2009
Question grep lines containing a word only twice.


I have a query on using grep options. I tried with several options but unable to do it.

lanite:52> cat note
123 456 ab 123
ab cv 234 4566 67
ab gh tij ab 12 34 ab
ab cv dfgv ab cv ab kjhk ab ghj
dfg ab jljklj ab

Now, I need to use grep to find the line which contains the word "ab" exactly twice. Please help me.Smilie
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Old 11-04-2009
$ awk '{for (i=1;i<=NF;i++) if ($i=="ab") A++ } {if (A=="2") print $0} A=0' urfile
dfg ab jljklj ab

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Old 11-04-2009
Hammer & Screwdriver

Thanks a lot.

Is it not possible to do it using grep or egrep....? Smilie
[As I need to do it using grep only....Smilie]
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Old 11-04-2009
This sounds like homework. Please repost over in the homework forums.
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Old 11-04-2009

Smilie..It's not a home work..but rest of all the code uses grep to find other combinations...Just wanted to add this too using grep.
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Old 11-04-2009
$ awk -F"ab" 'NF==3'  file

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Old 11-05-2009

open FH,"<a.txt";
  my @tmp =split;
  my @t = grep { $_ eq "ab" } @tmp;
  print $_,"\n" if $#t eq 1;

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