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get value that matches file name pattern

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Old 11-03-2009
get value that matches file name pattern


I have files with names that contain the date in several formats as, YYYYMMDD, DD-MM-YY,DD.MM.YY or similar combinations.
I know if a file fits in one pattern or other, but i donīt know how to extract the substring contained in the file that matches the pattern.
For example, i know that


matchs *[0-9][0-9]-[0-9][0-9]-[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]*.log.txt pattern.


matchs a different pattern:


So i know each file format because i know its pattern, but how can i extract in a general way valid for any of this patterns the day,month or year from this?
Or said in a different way, if iīm given a file pattern and a file matching it, how can i divide file name to extract each date field according to that pattern?

Thank you
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Old 11-03-2009
for name in `ls root/log`

if [[ $name =~ [0-9][0-9]-[0-9][0-9]-[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9] ]]; then
  DATE=`echo $name |cut -d\. -f2`

if [[ $name =~  [0-9][0-9]\.[0-9][0-9]\.[0-9][0-9] ]]; then
  DATE=`echo $name |awk -F[\.] '{print $3"."$4"."$5}'`


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