Keeping the title of a text report

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Old 11-02-2009
Keeping the title of a text report

I am in need of keeping a title of a report and removing duplicates from a file like the one below. I will be using the `uniq –u` command for the removal of duplicate lines (let me know if there is a better way rather than the command `uniq`) but I need to keep the title (first 9 lines) of the file. The file will be changing as we receive this raw data, but there will always be a title on each report. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

File example:
            Well Data Export
Project             :  RAW_DATA_EXTRACT
Cartographic System :  USA_TM20 N2
Depth Mode          :  E_20T
Depth Unit          :  International meters
Distance Unit       :  meters
Format File         :  TD_Curve_Ext.wlx
Date                :  Thu Oct 1 01:56:40 2009

TDP1       1AB0118Z_09507W45
TDP2          01-18-0394
TDP3       fyp_1000m_MMR_5D                 
TDP5        0.0000       0.0000
TDP5      592.5000     587.4800
TDP5      593.0000     587.4800
TDP5      593.5000     587.6580
TDP5      594.0000     588.0971
TDP5      594.5000     588.5361
TDP5      595.0000     588.9752
TDP5      595.0000     588.9752
TDP5      595.5000     589.4147
TDP5      596.0000     589.8496
TDP5      596.5000     590.2748
TDP5      596.5000     590.2748
TDP5      597.0000     590.6946

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Old 11-02-2009
uniq -u input > output

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Old 11-02-2009
Thanks - I should have realized it would be so easy.
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