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Old 10-31-2009
Delete file from list of folders

Hi all,
I amd new in UNIX programming. I have a query.
I need to delete some files (like .dec files) from some folders. I have a list of folders. What will be command for it.
Please help me.

Thanks in Advance.
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Old 10-31-2009
Something like
for FOLDER in list-of-folders-seperated-by-spaces
    rm "$FOLDER/*.dec"  # for .dec files

take care if there are spaces in the names of the folders !
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Old 10-31-2009
Learn "find" command which can do the job better, according to the situation.

find . -iname *.dec -ok rm {} \;


find ./fold1 /path/fold2 *.dec -ok rm {} \;

The above will ask about removing particular file... and removes if you ask it to do so.

There is more than one way to do it !!
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Old 11-01-2009
Deleting files in this way is a common requirement and poorly written scripts to do so are a frequent cause of people coming to grief deleting unexpected files and directories.

A few areas people commonly go wrong: -

With this sort of method: -

find . -iname *.dec -ok rm {} \;

I have not seen a find run this way I would expect a -exec in there but I have only been scripting a year so this may be valid. But to discuss the method I am familiar with as often seen running in a script: -

find . -iname *.dec -exec rm {} \;

Using this method a new rm process is kicked off every time the find produces a file to delete, the last cleardown script I wrote clears down over 100,000 files. If we were to kick off a new process for each file found then the job would take forever.

A more efficient way from the process point of view would be: -

rm -f $(find . -iname *.dec)

This only kicks off the one rm process and the one find process.

To move on to the subject of unintentionally deleting the wrong files: -

Code like the above is very dangerous as the find can start following its way down sub directories and deleting files you had not intended.

This is also a dangerous construct commonly found within a script, although not such a problem in the for loop above: -

rm "$FOLDER/*.dec"  # for .dec files

No check is made to see if the $FOLDER is a valid directory. If the variable is empty then the command will try to delete files under the root-

rm /*.dec"

By far the safest approach is to: -
  1. read in the list of folders from a config file.
  2. change into the directory
  3. check $PWD to confirm you are in the directory
  4. issue the command rm -f *.dec from there
That way you have no chance of deleting anything outside of your target directory.

Good luck! Smilie

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