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Perl or Awk script to copy a part of text file.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Perl or Awk script to copy a part of text file.
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Old 11-02-2009
What a challenge to script that in shell !
Here, i've coded something wich works
LINE="lbla bla bla jcjfd<text>what i want</text>flh%(j blablabla<text>second occurence</text>juhgfiuhf<text>third occ</text>jkhgq"
LINE=${LINE#*<text>}	# Removes all from the begining up to the first "<text>"
LINE=${LINE%</text>*}	# Removes all from the end down to the last "</text>"
while echo $LINE | grep -q "<text>"	# more than one field
do	TEXT[$I]=${LINE%%</text>*}
	(( I ++ ))
TEXT[$I]=${LINE%</text>*}	# for the last one
{	# To see what we've done
	for I in $(seq $N)
	do	echo "TEXT[$I] = ${TEXT[$I]}"

Look if it works by you. If so it's possible to embed it in the appropriate code to parse your files.
# 9  
Old 11-02-2009
I get a syntax error
"0403-057 Syntax error at line 10 : `<' is not expected."
# 10  
Old 11-02-2009
try to put quotes around <text> and </text>
like "<text>" "</text>" or '<text>' '</text>'
# 11  
Old 11-03-2009
I get different error now.
Document.bash[15]: I ++ : 0403-053 Expression is not complete; more tokens expe
# 12  
Old 11-03-2009
It seems not to be implemented in your shell version
(( I ++ )) means "I=I+1" so try instead
let I=I+1

# 13  
Old 11-03-2009
I changed it but I',m getting something like this..
seq: Not found
# 14  
Old 11-03-2009
# in place of
for I in $(seq $N)
# write
for (i = 1; i < N+1; i++)

or the appropriate code to make a counting loop with your shell

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