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comma with delimated

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Old 10-29-2009
comma with delimated

ca any one give the example for this

and another Temp table having the column size

Id Column_name Col_Value    Col_size 
1    col1       satya                6
2    col2       sankar               9
3    col3      vanitha               10

i have a Flat file of records like


and the output has to be seperated by ~ based on the Col_siz of the Temp table


Thanks in Advance

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i had 100 records in each record having 50 columns of Data

awk '{ print    substr( $0,1,5 ) "~" substr( $0,6,6 ) "~" substr( $0,7,7 ); }'

How would i get the position of the Start String and End String in substr( $0,1,5 )

in that loop of each record i have to print with ~ delimated like


Thanks in Advance
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Old 10-29-2009
It's not possible if the length of the names varies in your flat file.

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