Simutaneous scripts within a background task

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Old 10-23-2009
Simutaneous scripts within a background task


I have a script that polls a directory using inotifywait. This script is always running in the background. Within that script, I have 2 commands that need to run simultaneously. When those scripts are finished, I have to fire off a 3rd. The problem is, the 3rd script is never being executed. My thinking is that because there's a "wait" command I intended for the 2 simultaneous scripts may actually be waiting for the main script to finish (which it never will).

        case $ApiId in
             15) nohup $ExecRep nyapimod15 -f import -u -s "rec1" >> $Null
                 nohup $ExecRep nyapimod15n -f scan -u -a -ia -v sel_scan >> $Null&
                 nohup $ExecRep nyapimod15a -f scan -u -a -ia -v sel_scan >> $Null&
                 nohup $ExecRep nyapimod15 -f export -u -a -ia -v sel_scan >> $Null

Can anyone tell me how I can catch when the 2 processes will finish using
wait? I'm using ksh. (red hat linux)


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Found it ... I found that I needed to designate the pid for wait.

wait $!

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