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Unable to attache file in mailx

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Unable to attache file in mailx
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Old 10-19-2009
Question Unable to attache file in mailx

I have script to send report to the recipent along with a short decription of a message. But unfortunatly it fails to deliver the report as attachment nothing apart from the message come,
please find the part where I am getting stuck and confused ... please check out if you have any better suggestion to it.

below is the part where it should attach the file and send it but it fails to do.

please advice.
#       Checking for the number of SAL016 reports

if [ $count -eq 0 ]
        MESSAGE="Hi,\n\nThere are no SAL016 reports for ${name} in today's run test. \n\nThanks,\nWMG IT Operations"
        echo "$MESSAGE" | mailx -s "${name} SAL016 reports for the run date of `date +%d-%b-%Y`"
        exit 1

if [ $count -lt 2 ]
        MESSAGE="Hi,\n\nOnly one SAL016 report generated for ${name} in today's run test1. \n\nThanks,\nWMG IT Operations"
        echo "$MESSAGE" | mailx -s "${name} SAL016 reports for the run date of `date +%d-%b-%Y`"
        exit 1

ux2dos $report1 > $report1.txt
ux2dos $report2 > $report2.txt

#       Sending a mail with SAL016 reports

MESSAGE="Hi,\n\nPlease find the attached ${name} SAL016 Reports.\n\nThanks,\nWMG IT Operations"
$(echo "$MESSAGE"; uuencode $report1.txt ${name}_SAL016_Report1.txt; uuencode $report2.txt ${name}_SAL016_Report2.txt) | mailx -s "${name} SAL016 reports for
 the run date of `date +%d-%b-%Y`"

Last edited by pludi; 10-19-2009 at 05:35 PM.. Reason: code tags, please...
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Old 10-19-2009
instead of
$(echo "$MESSAGE"; uuencode.......

(echo "$MESSAGE"; uuencode.......

at the start of the last line

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