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display content between all similar tags pattern

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Old 10-19-2009
display content between all similar tags pattern

hi, I m stuck at a point for more than 3days. My doubt is pretty simple..
I have a web page content in $content. ( got this by using LWP)..

Now I want to display the content matching a pattern.

I tried
  if($content =~ m{<div class="abc">(.*?)</div>}s){
   print $1;}

that will display for only 1st pattern match..
Now I want to display content between each <div class="abc"> and </div> occuring in the $content and store in array.

Pls help me out how to do it...
how should i apply the while loop..


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Old 10-19-2009
you will also need the multiline modifier.. see perldoc perlre
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Old 10-19-2009
what is multiline modifier...
I only want to know how could i apply while loop...
around the if condition so that it searches entire $content..

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Old 10-19-2009
Hint 1: The modifier 'g' means 'global'
Hint 2:
$ echo '/a/ /b/ /c/ /d/' | perl -le '$c=<>; @a=($c=~m{/(.*?)/}g); print "@a";'
a b c d

Hint 3: perldoc perlretut, perldoc perlre
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Old 10-19-2009
I tried
@arr=($content =~ m{<div class="abs\c">(.*?)</div>}g);
print @arr;

but when i try putting s instead of g it print the content inside first occuring <div> tags pair in $content..

i still could not figure out the problem...

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@arr=($content =~ m{<div class="abs\c">(.*?)</div>}g);
print @arr;

its not working

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I got the it..!!!! jsst put s and g together... as...

@arr=($content =~ m{<div class="abs\c">(.*?)</div>}sg);
print @arr;

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