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Old 10-21-2009
Thank you for all your suggestions. I have incorporated some of your suggestions into the script, and updated the script (in the first post of this thread).

Originally Posted by steadyonabix
does rsync put up a failure message before exiting?
Hi steadyonabix,

rsync messages are printed to the screen. The script prints "rsync finished" regardless.

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Originally Posted by ryandegreat25
i think this is double entry
#set destination_path (no spaces allowed)
destination_path="/media_test/USB drive/backups/"

Hi ryandegreat,

This was on purpose. In the above case I am testing, where the second destination_path it the test value. When I am making a real backup up I comment the test value:
#set destination_path (no spaces allowed)
#destination_path="/media_test/USB drive/backups/"

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Originally Posted by steadyonabix
Well after a little tinkering to get it to work in my korn shell it seems to create backups just fine.
Hi steadyonabix,

Nice port to ksh.Smilie

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