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Replace Text Based On Pattern

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Old 10-14-2009
Replace Text Based On Pattern

Hi I'm trying to replace text in a file based upon a pattern.

The pattern I'm looking for is:


The # are seven alphanumeric characters before and after 6105.

I need it to replace that with this recursively:


Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Old 10-15-2009
If the two lines are consecutive in your file you can try something like this:

awk '
/\<styleURL\>#style0002\<\/styleURL\>/ {
  print "<styleURL>#style0003</styleURL>"
  print "<name>#######6109#######</name>"
}1' file

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Old 10-18-2009
That will replace





Just double checking.

I was wrong when I used # to represent alphanumeric characters as the # before style0002 isnt an alphanumeric it is always there.

And yes they are always consecutive.

Let me know if you need to know anything else.

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Old 10-18-2009

Originally Posted by Grizzly
That will replace





Just double checking.
It's the right idea - at least, it's how I would go about it - however, I think Franklin52 made a few typos, though, and one mistake.

First, s/6109/6105/; then, un-escape '<' and '>' ('\<' and '\>' have a meaning of their own; they match the empty string at the begging, end of a word). I would lose the '1' after the closing '}' as well; I think that's a typo (if I'm wrong and it does serve a purpose, someone please correct me...).

Keep in mind that the code as presented below doesn't need an explicit 'next' statement - you can include one, but you don't need to in this instance (it's implicit). If you ever have a need to skip to the next record immediately after doing something, though, use next; it's analogous to continue in a for loop.

Fix those minor issues and I think that code will do what you want it to do; that is, assuming that I'm understand correctly what you're trying to do. Restated, that code is:

awk '/<styleURL>#style0002<\/styleURL>/ {
   print "<styleURL>#style0003</styleURL>";
   print "<name>#######6105#######</name>";

Personally, I love awk for tasks of this nature.

- Larry

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Old 10-18-2009
You just want to replace "style0002" with "style0003" within the styleURL tag and the 4 numbers after the 7th position of the name tag, right?

Try something like this, I've used awk variables for the values, adjust them for your own fit:

awk -v old="style0002" -v new="style0003" -v num="1234" '
/\<styleURL\>/ && $0 ~ old {
  sub(old, new)
  print substr($0, 1,13) num substr($0, 18)
}1' file

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