Break lines up into single lines after each space in every line

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Old 10-14-2009
Originally Posted by mac4rfree
don knw.. earlier i tried in SunOs.. But this time, i tried in AIX.. still the same result...
what is your OS?
I did it via Cygwin but also tried it via bash on my linux box and it worked fine. I see other guys also posted examples. Maybe try that too.
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UUENCODE(5)							File Formats Manual						       UUENCODE(5)

uuencode - format of an encoded uuencode file DESCRIPTION
Files output by uuencode(1) consist of a header line, followed by a number of body lines, and a trailer line. The uudecode(1) command will ignore any lines preceding the header or following the trailer. Lines preceding a header must not, of course, look like a header. The header line is distinguished by having the first 6 characters begin The word begin is followed by a mode (in octal), and a string which names the remote file. A space separates the three items in the header line. The body consists of a number of lines, each at most 62 characters long (including the trailing newline). These consist of a character count, followed by encoded characters, followed by a newline. The character count is a single printing character, and represents an inte- ger, the number of bytes the rest of the line represents. Such integers are always in the range from 0 to 63 and can be determined by sub- tracting the character space (octal 40) from the character. Groups of 3 bytes are stored in 4 characters, 6 bits per character. All are offset by a space to make the characters printing. The last line may be shorter than the normal 45 bytes. If the size is not a multiple of 3, this fact can be determined by the value of the count on the last line. Extra garbage will be included to make the character count a multiple of 4. The body is terminated by a line with a count of zero. This line consists of one ASCII space. The trailer line consists of end on a line by itself. SEE ALSO
uuencode(1), uudecode(1), uusend(1), uucp(1), mail(1) HISTORY
The uuencode file format appeared in BSD 4.0 . UUENCODE(5)