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Makefile rule being skipped

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Old 10-13-2009
Makefile rule being skipped

I can't seem to get a rule in my Makefile to ever run... even if I change the rule to force make to re-enter the rule, or if I change the dependent files the rule depends on. Any ideas why the second rule is being ignored here?

#MAKEFILES = $(DIRS:%=$(ROOT)/%/Makefile)

#	@echo -e $(COLOR_GREEN) Making framework library: $@ $(COLOR_DEFAULT)
#	\make -f $@ build
#	@echo -e $(COLOR_GREEN) Making framework library: $@ $(COLOR_DEFAULT)
#	@echo -e $(COLOR_MAGENTA) Adding objects to $(ARCHIVE) $(COLOR_DEFAULT)

	@echo -e $(COLOR_GREEN) Making library: $@ $(COLOR_DEFAULT)
	\make -f $@ build
MAIN_CPP = $($(MAIN_LIBRARY):$(ROOT)/libmain/%/bld/main.cpp)

MAIN_OBJECT = $($(MAIN_CPP):%.cpp=%.o)

	@echo -e $(COLOR_CYAN) Compiling main from library: $@ $(COLOR_DEFAULT)
	@echo -e $(COLOR_MAGENTA) Adding object to $(ARCHIVE) $(COLOR_DEFAULT)

	@echo -e $(COLOR_BLUE) Compiling: $@ $(COLOR_DEFAULT)
	g++ $(CPPOPTS) -frandom-seed="$(shell pwd)/$@" $(INCLUDE_DIRS:%=-I%) $< -c -o $@

				$(LIBRARIES) \

$(BIN_TARGET): checkout_source $(ROOT)/libcommon/Makefile.portal $(MAIN_LIBRARY) $(OBJECTS)
	@echo -e $(_COLOR_CYAN)Linking: $@ $(_COLOR_DEFAULT)
	g++ $(LINKOPTS) -Wl \
	$(INCLUDE_DIRS:%=-I%) \

	@echo G_CPPS $(G_CPPS)

The rule in bold is the rule getting skipped for some reason. I know FRAMEWORK_MAKEFILES is populated with all the proper values when I run the dumpvars rule. I commented out that rule and replaced it an exact specific rule for the makefile in a given directory rather than doing each and every rule, and it still skips the rule. I know the rule is being skipped due to the absence of the echo command.

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