bash: combine arrays with weird substitution/references

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Old 10-13-2009
bash: combine arrays with weird substitution/references

Hi all.

I'm trying to finish a bash script with the following elements:
ARRAY[0]="blah $ITEM blah blah"
ARRAY[1]="blah blah $ITEM blah bluh"
# ...the ARRAY elements represent a variable but defined
#    syntax and they're all hard-coded in the script.


ITEMS='1.0 2.3 -4.0'
#ITEMS=' .... '
# ...the ITEMS 'vector' comes from the command line

ARRAY[@] and ITEMS should have to get finally combined into NEWARRAY as detailed:

NEWARRAY[0]=blah 1.0 blah blah"
#(as ARRAY[0], but substituted with 1st item)
NEWARRAY[1]="blah 2.3 blah blah"
#(as ARRAY[0], but substituted with 2nd item)
NEWARRAY[2]="blah -4.0 blah blah"
#(as ARRAY[0], but substituted with 3rd item)
NEWARRAY[3]="blah  blah 1.0 blah bluh"
NEWARRAY[4]="blah blah 2.3 blah bluh"
NEWARRAY[5]="blah blah -4.0 blah bluh"
# (as ARRAY[1], but substituted)
# (...)

I think that the combination issue is not a mayor problem as it could be (naively?) resolved with 2 loops:

 c0=0; while [ $c0 -lt ${#ARRAY[@]} ]; do
    for elem in $ITEM; do
    let "c0+=1"

Nevertheless the main problem to me is to get the $ITEMS values correctly referenced (if possible) within NEWARRAY during execution time. Anyway, I'm not sure if the whole stuff is well set...

Any help will be (desperately) welcome...


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Old 10-13-2009
me@tinybird:~$ ARRAY[0]="blah $ITEM blah blah"
me@tinybird:~$ echo ${ARRAY[0]}
blah blah blah
me@tinybird:~$ ARRAY[0]='blah $ITEM blah blah'
me@tinybird:~$ echo ${ARRAY[0]}
blah $ITEM blah blah
me@tinybird:~$ ITEM=1.0
me@tinybird:~$ echo ${ARRAY[0]}
blah $ITEM blah blah
me@tinybird:~$ eval echo ${ARRAY[0]}
blah 1.0 blah blah
me@tinybird:~$ eval 'NEWARRAY[5]=${ARRAY[0]}'
me@tinybird:~$ eval echo ${NEWARRAY[5]}
blah 1.0 blah blah

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Old 10-14-2009

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