Will moving data from one filesystem to another affect current software installation

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Old 10-13-2009
Will moving data from one filesystem to another affect current software installation

Here we have concern. We have a IBM software installed in a server S1 in the location : /opt/IBM.
In this server S1, we have /opt file system in local disk. We don't have any option to increase the file system there.
We have created a separate /opt/IBM_NEW file system with 10GB in S1 server.
You have to copy the data from /opt/IBM to /opt/IBM_NEW.
After that we will remount the /opt/IBM_NEW to /opt/IBM.
Please let me know if moving whole folder under /opt/IBM to other point and moving it back, will impact the current software installation there..

thanks in advance!!
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Old 10-13-2009
The question is more how will you transfer the content? using cp? or cpio/tar? or backup-restore.Will users be connected? etc...
Properly done it should not have an impact after reorganization...
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