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diffrent results between command line and scripted grep

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting diffrent results between command line and scripted grep
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diffrent results between command line and scripted grep

When I type a command at the command line it supplies one result and the exact same command in a script

egrep '^01|^02|^03|^04' file > fileout

count = 29353

same count in the script yields a count of 23492

is there any reason this could be happening.
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how are you calculating the count.
If you dont mind can we have the sample of your data file and that part of script which calculates the count
I also want to know what does this count refer to, is it the number of lines of the output of egrep. if it is so, then use egrep -c. are you counting the number of lines in the fileout. I think that is where you might possibly doing it wrong.

If this is still not clear, please explain the scenario in more details

warm regards

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