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Character limitation in Join command

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Old 10-08-2009
Character limitation in Join command

I'm trying to compare and join two files using join command. One of my files length is 3000. Join is not working for this file. It truncates character after 1600 lines. Anyone know a solution for this?

the command i used is

Comparing the 1st column of the first file and 3rd column of third file. The out put doesnt have characters after 1600 if matched.

join -t@ -1 1 -2 3 $cross_reference_file $input_file > $input_temp

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Old 10-08-2009
Do you mean record length - the number of characters in a line?
getconf LINE_MAX

Shows 2048 on a lot of UNIX systems. This is the maximum line size you can read and process. 3000 is larger than 2048.

Also join will drop non-matching records if that is what you are asking.
There is one line in the output for each pair of lines in
file1 and file2 that have identical join fields.
In this case if only 1600 match you get 1600 lines of output.

I cannot tell which question you are asking.

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