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Old 10-06-2009
its ok now,thanks
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Can someone please show me a very simple "expect" script to change password in Solaris please?

Ladies & Gents, Can one of you gurus please show me a very simple "expect" script to change the password in Solaris in a script, please? Nothing fancy, no error checking, no nothing. Just to change the password of a new user, it's all. Many thanks in advance. U guys have honestly earned my... (1 Reply)
Discussion started by: Hiroshi
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Good and simple guide to configuring DHCP on Solaris 11?

I've been learning Solaris 11 for the past couple weeks and have been curious about setting up a DHCP server. Is there a good guide to start me off? Something pretty simple that I can understand? I read Oracle's documentation on it but I want something a little easier to understand. Thanks! (1 Reply)
Discussion started by: austinramsay
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Help making simple perl or bash script to create a simple matrix

Hello all! This is my first post and I'm very new to programming. I would like help creating a simple perl or bash script that I will be using in my work as a junior bioinformatician. Essentially, I would like to take a tab-delimted or .csv text with 3 columns and write them to a "3D" matrix: ... (16 Replies)
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Two simple questions about Solaris DCHP and Samba

I have two simple questions First is :can dhcp server NATIVE of solaris perform dhcp updates of bind via dnssec like dchpd on linux? Second: Is possible to build a pdc with samba and iplanet ldap server?Or is better with openldap? I never found howto or discussions about iplanet server. Thanks (0 Replies)
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting

[awk] Simple things not working on Solaris 10

Hi, Don't know if this is Solaris 10 or that the shell on Solaris 10 is working against me. But this works fine on HP-UX 11i, but not on Solaris 10: # cat /tmp/test_file 1:een 2:twee 3:drie # cat /tmp/test_file | /bin/nawk 'END {print $NF}' # cat /tmp/test_file | /bin/nawk '{} END... (5 Replies)
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IP Forwarding on Solaris 10 (should be simple, but isn't!)

I'm having a hard time getting IP forwarding to work. I'll eventually have several interfaces, but all that matters for now is that two of them actually be able to IP forward. I have no network interfaces in the global zone, but both interfaces are in the same zone, Common. The IPs I've been... (0 Replies)
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How to create a simple background script on Solaris

I have a local account for a unix server. The idle timeout for the account is around 10 mins. I have to login to the server multiple times during the day. Is there a way to increase the idle timeout or may be a script that I can run on background so it is not idle. Something like echo date every 9... (3 Replies)
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Solaris JumpStarting?... Simple Yes/No Question... Unless the answer's 'No'

I'm reading through this guide, BigAdmin Feature Article: Using Solaris JumpStart With the Solaris 10 OS for x86/x64 Platforms, and I was wondering if there was more to the bash scripts than just the example given (see above link) like for begin1 and begin2 and finish1 and finish2. I don't know... (3 Replies)
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

simple CSH Script behaves differently on Solaris and RedHat Linux

I have a simple csh-script on a Solaris Workstaion which invokes the bc calculator: #!/bin/csh set shz=2 set zshift=5 set shzp=`bc -l <<END \ scale = 3 \ -1. * $shz + $zshift \ END` echo $shzp The result ($shzp) in this case is 3 (-1*2+5). It works fine on Solaris 8. ... (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: two reelers
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grbeep(7d)							      Devices								grbeep(7d)

grbeep - Platform-dependent beep driver for SMBus-based hardware SYNOPSIS
beep@unit-address DESCRIPTION
The grbeep driver generates beeps on platforms (including Sun Blade 100, 150, 1500, 2500) that use SMBbus-based registers and USB key- boards. When the KIOCCMD ioctl is issued to the USB keyboard module (see usbkbm(7M)) with command KBD_CMD_BELL/KBD_CMD_NOBELL, usbkbm(7M) passes the request to the grbeep driver to turn the beep on and off, respectively. FILES
/platform/sun4u/kernel/drv/sparcv9/grbeep 64-bit ELF kernel driver ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Architecture |SMBus-based SPARC | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWcarx.u | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
kbd(1), attributes(5), bbc_beep(7D), kb(7M), usbkbm(7M) Writing Device Drivers DIAGNOSTICS
None SunOS 5.10 18 Dec 2001 grbeep(7d)