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Old 10-05-2009
Originally Posted by diksha2207
I need to replace this sed command with and awk command as awk is faster than sed.
I would be so sure about that. At least for a simple string replacement.

Awk is a better all-round tool for data manipulation but for a simple string replacement, sed is at least as fast.
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Old 10-05-2009
I need to do that simple string replacement at least a million times in one file and i have over 500 files to process. So i need to use awk...
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Old 10-05-2009
Originally Posted by diksha2207
I need to do that simple string replacement at least a million times in one file and i have over 500 files to process. So i need to use awk...
I am not trying to advocate the use of sed as I think that awk is a better all-round tool but I think you underestimate sed when it comes to a simple string replacement.

I just did a little test on a string replacement in a big file (more than a million lines). Here are the results:

$ time awk '{gsub("B1058","zzz1058")}1' ventes_all > /dev/null
real	0m3.730s
user	0m3.648s
sys	0m0.040s

$ time sed 's/B1058/zzz1058/g' ventes_all > /dev/null
real	0m2.855s
user	0m2.828s
sys	0m0.028s

$ wc -l ventes_all 
1205794 ventes_all

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