Sed: Delete lines in files that contain other than a-z ,0-9 and "."

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Old 10-04-2009
CPU & Memory Sed: Delete lines in files that contain other than a-z ,0-9 and "."

Sed: Delete lines in files that contain other than 'a-z' ,'0-9', '.' and '-'


I'm looking for a shell command or maybe a small php loop to delete lines in files.txt (in the same directory) that contain character other then 'a-z' ,'0-9', '.' and '-'

All line that have characters like etc... will got his line deleted. I don't want to see the output (it's larges files +- 5meg, and +- 100 files)

It's probably a combinasion of Sed and Regex but i'm unable to find the good syntax to do it Smilie

Every help will be appreciated.

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Old 10-04-2009

You mentioned "files.txt" and "100 files". Can you be more specific about from which file(s) the text should be deleted?

(assuming all files in directory...)
bash code:
  1. ls | while read FILE; do
  2.   sed -n "/^[a-z0-9.-]\+$/ p" $FILE > FILE.tmp.$$
  3.   cp -f $FILE.tmp.$$ $FILE && rm $FILE.tmp.$$
  4. done

bash code:
  1. ls | while read FILE; do
  2.   grep "^[a-z0-9.-]\+$" $FILE > $FILE.tmp.$$
  3.   cp -f $FILE.tmp.$$ $FILE && rm $FILE.tmp.$$
  4. done

Edit: Highlight=bash bbcode added by neo .....

Last edited by Scott; 10-04-2009 at 04:55 PM.. Reason: Always take a backup before something like this!
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Old 10-04-2009
Thanks for your reply Scottn

Your code give me the biggest hint for the last 3 days Smilie

My files are in fact sitemap, like sitemap.1.xml, sitemap.2.xml, sitemap.3.xml, ...
and forgot to mention that I also need to include '<', '>', ':', '/'

I tried to use this code but the ':' is not correctly set in this line I think...

(not working correctly)
sed -n "/^[<>\:a-z0-9.-\/]\{1,\}$/ p" sitemap.1.xml > sitemap.1.xml.tmp;mv sitemap.1.xml.tmp sitemap.1.xml

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Old 10-04-2009

Sed does seem to be somewhat pedantic about where bits go!

bash code:
  1. ls sitemap.*.xml | while read FILE; do
  2.   sed -n "/^[a-z<>/0-9.:-]\+$/ p" $FILE > FILE.tmp.$$
  3.   cp -f $FILE.tmp.$$ $FILE && rm $FILE.tmp.$$
  4. done
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Old 10-04-2009
Nice !!
Thanks Smilie

Didn't know about the position thing..!

Thanks for your great help
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