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Old 10-04-2009
Echo Variables and Text

I've been trying to get the syntax right so I can echo a $var and then text around it or after it. It either wont display text or $var or one overwrites the other at the beginning of the line. Trying to do something like this.

echo $var"+1.1"
#output expected   1+1.1

Its an older version of bash on Solaris 10.

Ultimately what I'm trying to do is add two decimal numbers. I've tried bc and dc but I cant get them add with vars instead of numbers.
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Old 10-04-2009

echo $var + 1.1 | bc

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Old 10-04-2009

    awk 'BEGIN { print '"$*"'; exit}'

$ calc 1.2 + 3.4

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Old 10-04-2009
Or with "bc".


echo "scale=1;(${var}+1.1)"|bc


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